Mandarin clothes for children, sewed with coloured stitches of beautiful stories, bind together pieces of exquisite textures and fabrics. Most of our fabrics come from Liberty Art London, the most important british fabric producer and benchmark setter in the last 140 years.

In love with the delicate, wonderful fabrics and amazing patterns inspired by the most beautiful stories, places and expressive art, our designers and tailors create unique dresses and clothes for children to wear and become heros and characters of their own stories.

Mandarin knows that all children need to feel free and comfortable in their adventures. The cuts must open their space, the stitches must protect their sensitive skin and the patterns must make them smile and encourage them in their imaginative dreams.

Clothes children wear play an important role in the story of their lives. Many times, they become important memories as adults and as parents.

Dream your way!

Mandarin Team.